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Robert E. del Sol, Technologist

Clients share...

"I've had the privilege and pleasure of work-ing with Rob for over 15-years on various Web tech-nology projects. His talents & experience along with great knowledge of the very latest industry trends has always culminated in great success. I continue to explore and partner with Rob on current projects and look forward to many more collaborations in the future."
- Cliff Gonshery, CLVS 

"Rob is a rare combi-nation of practical wis-dom and an out-standing teacher. He has helped us through all stages of establishing a professional pre-sence on Google Plus, from set up to page design, post writing and ongoing maintenance. I believe that Google Plus will grow as a powerful marketing tool but it is some what difficult to learn, navigate and take full advantage of, independently. 
I strongly recommend Rob as an expert to go to for guidance so as to understand and achieve the promise of Google Plus".
- Barbara Claman, 
Marketing Manager, 

"Rob was able to make a quick and easy plan of action for me to follow. I have had an excep-tional success with my new foundation due to the opportu-nity to learn from a master. Rob is an expert teacher. I will be happy to recommend Rob to anyone looking for the ideal instructor. 
- Buford D. Halton 
Always Giving Back 
 Sports Foundation

"I just started building our Google+ presence when I met Rob. He was the perfect guy at a perfect time. While I was still struggling at the setup stage Rob helped me through all stages of building a well-established presence on Google Plus. If you want to have a strong presence on Google+ then I strongly recommend Rob as an expert in the field. He is a pleasure to work with, always make himself available and can answer all my questions and concerns".
- Iris Heyman, 
PPC / Social Media Manager
ERICOM Software, Inc.

"I have worked with Rob for over five years on several projects and his work output is always superior. Rob takes the time to create systems that are easy to maintain, save us money and maximize our efficiency. Rob delivers both quality and value. He is an expert web designer and a programmer who stays abreast of the ever-changing social media landscape. I do expect to continue to work with him for a long time to come."
- Scott T Barnes,

"We are updating this testimonial very soon  with new additional  information. Please come back for the update",
- John Conway,

"Rob has the ability to listen and dig beyond the obvious so that everyone easily understands the process and framework of a project strategy. He works in a structured and professional way bringing value and results to the organization,
- Thomas M. Liston,
Healthcare Information Tech

Cloud: (Google Cloud Business Framework or Amazon AWS/S3) 

Google Cloud & G Suite for Business
Google Apps for Nonprofits
Google Apps for Education
Google Apps for Government
  • Strategic Level Technology Planning & Analysis
  • Cloud Technology Migration & Implementation 
  • Cloud Technology Training & Support
  • Workflow & Business Process Development
  • Content & Document Management
  • Custom App Development
  • Chromebook / Chromebox / Chrome Pixel For Business
  • Mobile / BYOD (bring your own device) Workplace Strategy
  • Google+ Social Business & Google+ Framework
  • Google Search Appliance, Maps, Earth & App Engine 
  • Google Enterprise Framework Tools and Services

  • Web Development, Design & Hosting
  • Content Development, Design & Hosting
  • Social Marketing, Media, CRM & Email
  • G+ Social Marketing
  • G+ Social Business
Adaptive eLearning Frameworks
Delivering custom Learning / Training solutions and services to business and industry since 1993. 
- Design, Implementation & Migration
- Dynamic Cloud-based, Mix-media Course Development


YouTubeTM Style Video Production & Marketing 
  • Creative, Motion Graphics & Scripting
  • Full Service Video Production, Editing & Publishing
  • Web Video Sales, Marketing, SEO & Social Strategy  
  • Competitive Commercial Production Rates Based on GSA Schedules 561-4A, B, C, D & F

- Promo video - Promotional web videos are visual sales and marketing tools designed to expand markets, acquire new customers, introduce or inform existing customers about a product, cause or organization. Web promos usually range from thirty seconds to three minutes in length.

- Explainer video - Explainer web videos supplement textual information in audio-visual form. They are typically short, usually ranging from thirty seconds to three minutes, to present information on business, products or services in a simplified manner. Production of explainer type web videos is the fastest growing video genre on the Internet.

- Instructional video - Instructional videos usually ranging from five to ten minutes are educational or informational in nature and used in formal or informal skills or capacity training settings. From staff training and safety videos, customer support, how-to and DIY topics to career certifications and formal education, instructional videos provide a low cost and direct way to train and teach.  

- Documentary video - Documentary style videos constitute a broad category of nonfictional topics intended to focus awareness or to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, maintaining a historical record or furthering a social cause or cultural imperative.

- Music / Art video - Music / Art videos are short productions integrating a song and creative imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Modern music/art videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale and expand awareness of music recordings or artistic endeavors.